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    本课程是讲道学入门课程。基督教事工无法脱离讲道,已故名传道人与国际知名学者约翰史托得说过,"基督教本质上是神话语的宗教”。 对讲授神的话语的重视是基督教独有的特质。其他的宗教也会有教师或导师,他们主要教导的是一些古老的人的传统。本课程授予学生基本的讲章的构造原则和方法,特别注重的是释经讲道法,也会提到一些其他的讲道方法。加强学生对讲道目的和成为讲道者的质素的认识。学生有机会讲两篇短讲 (看人数定)

    This course is an introduction to preaching. Preaching is indispensable to Christianity.The late John Stott once said, "Christianity is, in its very essence, a religion of the Word of God.”The emphasis on preaching, as in the proclamation of the word of God, is unique to Christianity.For other religions, they have their teachers, instructors, but they essentially are teachers of ancient traditions. The course will introduce to students the basic principles and method of sermon construction.The emphasis in this course is the method of expository preaching, but it will also mention briefly other methods.It will also seek to strengthen students' understanding of the purpose of preaching and the making of the preacher.The students in general will have opportunities to deliver in class two short sermons.